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Greyhounds are fiercely intelligent, gentle and adaptable. We’ll happily bust the myth that greyhounds are high-energy, high-exercise dogs. Despite their size, greyhounds can live in smaller houses and even apartments. People are often surprised to learn that greyhounds rarely bark and are generally quiet. Greyhound’s are champions at sun-baking, lounging and sleeping. They are quite content to just slumber and they’re well known as the ’60k couch potato’ for this reason. Whilst they’re short-burst sprinters on the race-track, they often only need a daily walk of 30 minute (or less).

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Greyhounds are also fantastic with children, due to their soft and sweet nature they are often patient with even the most tiny and persistent dog lovers!

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What Makes Greyhounds Special?
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Greyhounds have almost no ‘doggy odour’ and shed minimally. Often people who are allergic to animal dander can co-exist problem-free with Greyhounds, (after a small adjustment period re: the introduction of a new allergen). We have encountered many people who have been allergic to animal dander, who have adopted a Greyhound without issue. Here are some other reasons why Greyhounds are amazing:

  • Like most canines, Greyhounds are devoted and affectionate companions
  • They make fantastic companions because they’re so adaptable to spaces and people
  • Marathon snoozers, they love to sleep (up to 20 hours a day)
  • The breed comes with its own set of body language quirks (teeth chattering translates to excitement)
  • Greyhounds rarely bark or growl (except for play-time growling)
  • They make great inside dogs, they’ll just need a comfy spot or two
  • They are incredibly gentle and trusting, often making them a good addition to a family with small children
  • Whilst  Victorian muzzle laws dictate that greyhounds must be muzzled at all times in public, it is far from their nature for greyhounds to be aggressive
  • Read more in our quick reference Fact Sheet about Greyhounds and breed-specific laws here.