Greyhound Rescue Victoria

GResVic is a registered, non-for-profit charity with a passion for re-homing and rehabilitating greyhounds. Operating from Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs, we are supported by our dedicated foster carer network and GResVic volunteers. Founded in 2013, GResVic has successfully re-homed many ex-racers, pound rescues and ex-broods.

With growing community support, the GResVic mission is to rescue and rehabilitate unwanted greyhounds from the racing industry (and beyond) and create the necessary groundwork for their transition from life in the industry to life as a pet. This includes training, behaviour management and socialisation, introduction to new sounds and places, supervised testing of tolerance towards children of all ages, as well as other animals e.g. small and/or large dogs, and cats.

GResVic takes in greyhounds who are deemed unfit to race from trainers  – these hounds range from 18 months to 8+ years in age. The majority of hounds that GResVic receives from the racing industry are either deemed too slow, unwilling to chase, or may have suffered injuries that impact track performance. In the industry’s eyes, these hounds are deemed no longer valid.


Greyhound Rehoming Program

Greyhounds often find themselves stuck in pounds, and pounds are overwhelmed with the constant influx of greyhound intakes. Due to a lack of public awareness about greyhounds as companions, and the breed as a whole, these hounds don’t get a chance.

Ex-broods (mothers) come to the GResVic program at 7+ years. These hounds are generally very relaxed and slip into family life well. We also seek to take in pound rescues, and occasionally also “Free to good home” hounds too. These dogs are typically aged 2+ years, and are fast-learners and rehabilitate well.

The stories of these greyhounds differ, but GResVic works incredibly hard to ensure that their stories do not end. Greyhounds win hearts, not races. We treasure every hound that comes through our program and believe that greyhounds are prized pets, cuddle buddies and couch potatoes.

We rely on support from our community through fundraising and donations. We are always seeking sponsors and services which benefit our greyhounds, and fundraising events. If you would like to sponsor GResVic, please click here. Your support and generosity is invaluable!