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Adopting a Greyhound is a rewarding and exciting journey!

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Our greyhounds have been cared for by foster carers, they are all house-trained, and walk well on a lead (some are still learning), but their breed characteristics mean that greyhounds are gentle, dorky and all-round lovable. If you’re unsure about adopting a greyhound, you can become a foster carer before committing fully (click here for more information). Note: If no dogs are currently listed, please call us!


Adoption Process

Step 1. To express your interest in adopting a greyhound, fill out the following form here.

Step 2. We will endeavour to reply to your application form and contact you with a suitable matched hound based on your household.

Please also be aware when requesting a certain greyhound, that it may already have found a home. We have many other dogs in our program looking for forever homes (some of them may not have been listed on PetRescue or Every Greyhound.) The adoption form enables us to match a greyhound to you and your household.

Step 3. We organise a meet & greet. It is at this point that you decide whether you would like to take the dog on a trial. If you’ve fallen in love, it’s after the meet & greet that the dog will stay with you. Please note, we do not hold dogs in our care for adopters, if you are interested on the day of the meet and greet, you must be prepared to take your new family member home.

Step 4.  We request the adoption fee at the beginning of your trial. A trial runs for 2 weeks. If you decide, at any time that the greyhound is not for you, or isn’t working within your household, the hound will be returned to us and you will receive 80% of your adoption fee back.

Adoption Fee


Included in your adoption fee is a lead and collar.

Our adoption fee pays for your greyhound’s stay whilst in our program, including vet bills, food, a coat and other support.
The fee also enables our program to take in another greyhound when your greyhound leaves. So, your adoption means you’re saving two lives. 


Preparing for your greyhound’s arrival

You will need:

  • A raised feeder bowl with two bowls (purchase here)
  • A comfortable pet bed (Bed range for purchase here)
  • Quality dog food, we are big advocates of premium dog foods, Black Hawk and Meals For Mutts.
  • A few soft toys and some fluffy blankets (your local op-shop)