Fostering a Greyhound

The Backbone of GResVic |  Foster carers play the biggest part in helping to rehabilitate greyhounds, our dedicated foster carer network are entrusted with ensuring that a greyhound’s transition to pet-life is smooth, and absent of anxiety.

Fostering Timeline | Greyhounds are fostered by Greyhound Rescue Victoria carers for around four to six weeks to expose them to as many new experiences as possible. Evaluation of the Greyhound as a companion animal is an important part of helping GResVic to ensure that the right dog goes to the right home.

Costs of Fostering | Greyhound Rescue Victoria covers vet costs and transportation. Where possible, your support with supplying dry dog food would be appreciated. Where this is not possible, dog food can be provided. We provide a plain coat in the cooler months, a martingale collar, lead and muzzle. We offer ongoing support and training through our private Facebook group. Foster carers just need to be full of love, patience, provide daily water, a food bowl and a bed (a food bowl and bed can be arranged if needed).

Fostering a Greyhound | Most greyhounds have never really learnt household etiquette and pet-boundaries, but they’re fast and keen learners. Your role as a carer is to provide a safe and loving environment in which greyhounds can safely navigate new, exciting and sometimes daunting things, like stairs, toasters and glass doors. Most greyhounds have never truly learned to play in the same way that other dogs have during puppy-hood, as their lives have been all business. Watching a greyhound discover the joys of pet-life, and encouraging a greyhound to flourish is heart-winning and truly rewarding.

Application Process

Step 1. Check if you meet fostering criteria:

  • You must not have a cat or small dog. Bringing a new ex-racing greyhound rescue into an environment with a cat is a disastrous situation. Cat testing must be done by an experienced, trained GResVic volunteer as it is extremely dangerous.
  • You must have children older than 6 years of age. For the welfare of your children, we do not place greyhounds in care where there are small children. Greyhounds often do not know social boundaries, have zero spatial awareness, and often play rough due to lack of puppy socialisation and proper training. For this reason, we do not place greyhounds in foster homes with young children.
  • You must have a fenced and secure yard.

Step 2. Read our Foster Caring FAQ.
Read also our Greyhounds & the Law Fact Sheet.

Step 3. Submit an online application form.
Make sure you check the ‘foster’ box. Please
indicate your availability and start date.

Step 4. Take 2-3 backyard photos. You will be asked
to email them through in lieu of a home check.